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Global Management Challenge Kenya

Management Challenge for High Schools

Adapted from the Global Management Challenge

The World's Largest Strategy and Management Competition

Experiential Learning Like No Other

Management Challenge for High Schools is an adapted version of the Global Management Challenge (GMC), the world’s largest strategy and management competition. Kenya will be only the second country Globally to host this version of the competition targeting secondary level students who have an interest in business, management, entrepreneurship and economics.


Over 400 Kenyans have already gained from the Challenge


Certified by the European Foundation for Management Development

School Programs

Included as study units in business school's around the world

Track Record

A competition that's been running for over 35 years, in over 30 countries

What is the Management Challenge?

Computer simulated business management competition in which each team runs a company with the objective of getting the highest investment performance.

Broaden views on Corporate Strategy

Interact with different functional areas of a company

Understand Market Conditions and Customer Satisfaction implications

Become aware of the impact of their Decisions on the Organization itself, within an environment designed to encourage and develop teamwork

The platform encompasses the key functions of any business and reveals very quickly the interdependencies between finance, operations, human resource and marketing. Teams compete against each other in competitive market groups of up to 8. They have to analyse information in order to make decisions for the future of their business, a going-concern manufacturing business. Their success is based on the business’ investment performance after 5 simulated quarters of the competition.

Participants are likely to develop hard skills in research, spreadsheet modelling and logic based decision making. They will also build soft skills in teamwork, negotiation, persuasion, strategy, emotional intelligence and self-learning.

Who is it for?

Ambitious homeschoolers, final and penultimate year students in International Schools and well-rounded Form 3 & 4 students in KCSE curriculum schools. It is also ideal for those who have completed high school and are awaiting the next phase of their education. The age range is open to students from 13 years and up to 18 years (or any student who has not begun tertiary education and has not attained the age of 19 years when the first round commences).

Home Schoolers

Final and Penultimate year secondary school students

Waiting to join college or university

How does it work?

The entire competition is managed online through a competition portal.

Information is accessed from the portal and decisions are also submitted through this portal. Participants require access to computers, ideally with Microsoft Excel, a browser and an internet connection.

Teams are made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 students. Team members are expected to have meetings to discuss information, opinions and conclude on decisions. Teams should submit their decisions together on the competition portal before the deadline for each simulated quarter.

Competition Format

A minimum of 24 teams is required for an engaging competition with two rounds.

All teams will participate in the first round and by a process of elimination 8 teams will proceed to the next round.

The first round will run for 7 continuous weeks: 2 weeks for the teams to familiarise themselves with their company’s information followed by 5 weekly submissions to simulate the 5 quarters.

The final round will be played over a single day at a suitable venue in Nairobi. The winner of the edition shall be declared on the same day.

A trial round may be organised before hand for participants to familiarise themselves with the rules of the simulator.

Planned Calendar - 1st Edition 2024

Your Financial Investment

Each team is required to pay a participation fee of €1,150.

For a team made up of 5 students this works out to €230 per student.

The fee is for the duration of the team’s participation in the competition.

1,150 per team*

*price is in Euros for foreign exchange purposes


If you are interested in participating in the Management Challenge for High Schools please fill out the registration form.

Once we reach the minimum of 24 teams required to run the competition we will be in touch with the parent, guardian or teacher with payment instructions.

Payment for all participating teams must be received before the start of the competition. Any team that does not pay fully will not be permitted to participate.

Event Organiser

Event Sponsors

R. Mutemi Teacher at a private girls high school in Nairobi

“I believe our students are capable of competing in the GMC. They are driven to succeed and to keep putting Kenya on the global education map”