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Global Management Challenge Kenya

Why Participate?

Imagine you had a flight simulator that trains pilots but for business that trains management professionals? Well, you now have one!

Participants can gain from managing a company and taking top management decisions, without running real-world risks. The competitors are given the opportunity to: 

  • Analyse Financial and Economic Indicators, 
  • Broaden their views on Corporate Strategy,
  • Interact with the different Functional Areas of a Company,
  • Understand the Market Conditions in which they compete and Customer Satisfaction,
  • Become aware of the impact of their Decisions on the Organization itself, within an environment designed to encourage and develop teamwork

Participants also benefit from

  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Recruitment opportunities

I hear and I forget
I see and I remember

Doing the right things requires knowledge, understanding and experience. The GMC offers hands-on experiential learning based on real-life like simulations and the application of management and strategy principles.

University students, young professionals and new and prospective entrepreneurs who want to upgrade and improve their business skills should participate in the competition and challenge themselves in a global business environment.